Latest Events

CND 67 Consultation

INPUD at the second day of the pre-CND #CND67 consultation. Judy Chang and Africanpud’s Ahmed Said Chairing and presenting on the session of harm reduction coverage.

“The dire coverage of harm reduction services is the constant reminder of how the rights of people who use drugs is undermined everyday. We’re always last in line when it comes to what service packages or interventions to fund and implement.”

Unless there is commitment to addressing root causes i.e. criminalisation, stigma and discrimination we won’t reach adequate coverage.

Meaningful engagement of people who use drugs underpins all efforts of Africanpud.

ICASA 2023 Zimbabwe

The AfricaNPUD Coordinator presentation during Satellite Symposia Session on Empowering Health Embracing Choices: Harm Reduction for People Who Use Drugs. 

“People who use drugs should take on a central role in prevention and empowering fellow drug users” – Ahmed Mohamed

Commission on Narcotics Drugs

Commission on Narcotics Drugs [CND] Thematic Discussion during hybrid meeting in Vienna, Austria.

“Prohibition has done us more harm than good. We need policies that improve the health and social well-being of people who use drugs in Africa and around the world”. The wonderful Ahmed Said, Regional Coordinator of Africanpud.

Document Development

The development of the document by Women Who Use Drugs in Africa

Harare Declaration by and for African Women who Use Drugs

A presentation of the Harare Declaration by and for African women who use drugs at the ICASA conference 2023 in Zimbabwe.

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