AfricaNPUD Strategic Plan

The AfricaNPUD Strategic Plan 2020-2023 was developed through the help of a consultant, Bernice Apondi who was selected among 3 consultants who applied for the Job. 4 Board members participated in the development of the strategic plan and 3 observers from the hosting country drug user Network (KeNPUD), one observator from Nigeria and the RCF Consortium Coordinator.

The document charts the course for the next three years as the Network seeks to address challenges associated with drug use and related harm; recognizing that collaboration and creation of awareness amongst stakeholders especially at the policy level is key to achieving key objectives.

It also serves as a roadmap for optimizing the mobilization of resources to evidence-based programs while continuing to strategize AfricaNPUD position as the continents lead group in the campaign against criminalization of drug user community.

The Document emphasizes strengthening of collaboration with various stakeholders including donors and the public as the major strategy for moving in the right direction. The content of the plan also accords the organization an important opportunity to mainstream its strategy to regional commitments on what drug user networks should focus on. 

At the national level, this plan seeks to align our strategies to UN declaration of decriminalization of drug use and Universal health coverage. As provided for in this Plan, the organization will be guided by programs geared towards achieving a stigma free society through coordinating a multi-regional campaign to support human rights achievement for people who use drugs.

The team got an opportunity to analyse both internal and external operational environment and did also a Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) Analysis.

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